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Underwriting on RIPR: Marketing that is affordable and effective

Have you considered promoting or marketing your company  on Rhode Island Public Radio? Well, now is the time! You will reach a targeted and motivated audience who are connected to their community and want to patronize local businesses. With the addition of 89.3FM, Rhode Island Public Radio is reaching more listeners across the state and in southeastern Massachusetts, which means more potential customers for your business. Special introductory packages are available. Make an impact on your business today!

By joining Rhode Island Public Radio's family of underwriters you will:

  • Demonstrate that your business is stable and that you recognize the value of quality programming.
  • Enjoy access to an audience with significant purchasing power.
  • Promote name recognition among professionals who are interested in your products and services.
  • Build credibility through your association with National Public Radio and our own RIPR news staff.
  • Earn gratitude for your support of public radio in Rhode Island.
We can develop a specific underwriting plan for you that includes sponsorship of an event, program, or fundraising premium!

Contact Donna Bannon at or 401.405.6003 (cell)