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On a quiet street by Green Hill Pond in Charlestown about a mile away from the ocean, Andrew Baer walks onto his front lawn and asks for help sliding the cap off his well. Luckily, he's having solar panels installed and there are plenty of hands at-the-ready. 

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The company proposing to build a natural gas power plant in Burrillville will begin pre-engineering work in early August, but a strong opponent of the project claims the announcement is "an obvious effort at misdirection."

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A DC-based environmental advocacy group gives Rhode Island a D and Massachusetts an F for their renewable energy law known as the Renewable Portfolio Standard.

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The Environmental Protection Agency’s acting administrator, Andrew Wheeler, says humans are contributing to climate change, contrary to what his predecessor said.  

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A foreign beetle that feeds on ash trees has turned up in Rhode Island for the first time. 

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After an effort by Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to remove Rhode Island’s official state insect, the American burying beetle, from the endangered species list, federal lawmakers Monday decided to throw the provision out. 

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Local commercial fishing companies are part of a national coalition backing changes to federal fisheries law.

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Witness testimony began Thursday and will continue this week in hearings that will determine the fate of a controversial, natural-gas power plant proposed in Burrillville. 

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Federal regulators Thursday approved a temporary plan for groundfihsing in New Bedford after fishing mogul Carlos Rafael, better known as "The Codfather," misreported his catch and caused an eight-month fishing ban for some boats in the city.  

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A local environmental nonprofit is speaking out against proposed changes to federal fishing regulations outlined under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. 

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What does the future hold for environmental advocacy under the Trump administration? What role can art play in starting conversations about the environment? Can we make progress on climate change, ocean plastics and other pressing environmental issues?

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A dam removal project in North Kingstown is almost complete.

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New Bedford is taking precaution against diseases spread by mosquitoes.  

State health officials, a part of the Bristol County Mosquito Control Project, sprayed pesticides in parks, including Buttonwood Park, Brooklawn Park and Fort Taber, and throughout downtown early this morning.

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A new statewide strategy to prepare Rhode Island for climate change was released Monday. 

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The U.S. Senate passed its version of the 2018 Farm Bill on Friday, and local environmentalists say it’s better than the version that recently came out of the House of Representatives.