Ann Alquist

Chief Progress Officer

Ann Alquist is Rhode Island Public Radio's Chief Progress Officer. She began her career in noncommercial broadcasting at KFAI Radio in Minneapolis as the News Director, producing a nightly half hour news program with community volunteers.

In 2005, she co-founded the Twin Cities Media Alliance, the parent organization of the participatory journalism website She was the Director of Radio Engagement at the National Center for Media Engagement, an organization dedicated to the successful implementation of community engagement strategies at public broadcasters around the country.

She has worked with WNYC in New York, KOSU in Oklahoma, WDET in Detroit, WBEZ in Chicago and many other public and community radio stations around the country. Most recently she has served as the Director of Membership at Alaska Public Media and Chief Content Officer at KDHX Community Media in Saint Louis.

She is a Fulbright Journalism Fellow alum and holds degrees from the Evergreen State College and Ohio University

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