102.7 Off-Air 6/21 for Tower Repair

Jun 20, 2016

The green circles show a worker mere feet below the lowest antenna bay of RIPR's 102.7FM array.
Credit Aaron Read RIPR

UPDATE 3:15PM: The tower crew needed a few extra minutes to finish up, but they are done and down from the tower...and we are back on the air!


To our South County listeners: 102.7FM may be off the air for periods between 11am and 3pm on Tuesday June 21st to allow AT&T Wireless tower climbers to perform emergency repairs on their equipment.

Their antennas are located mere feet below our antennas on the tower in Narragansett, and we broadcast with 1950 watts.  For the climbers' safety we have to power off while they're up there.

During the downtime, 91.5 will be off-air as well; it rebroadcasts 102.7FM via over-the-air (OTA) reception.

Also, MVYradio's 96.5FM signal in Newport will be down, as it rebroadcasts the HD2 signal of 102.7FM.

Our 88.1FM Providence signal will NOT be affected, and our webcast will remain available to everyone worldwide.