800 Pound Takin Briefly Escapes At Roger Williams Park Zoo

May 15, 2018

A routine hoof procedure turned out to be not so routine when a takin named Har-Lee managed to escape his enclosure around 9:05 Tuesday morning. 

Roger Williams Park Zoo said the recapture team was immediately activated with tranquilizers and backup rifle, never losing sight of Har-Lee following him to a point where they could safely sedate him.

The issue was resolved at 9:55 a.m. and the zoo opened for regular business 20 minutes later. 

Diane Nahabedian, Director of Marketing and Public Relations,  said this large animal looks like a combination of a goat and an antelope, and is native to the Himalayan Mountains and western China. She also adds that this animal is endangered. 

"We’re lucky that he’s here with us. But, he will be off exhibit at least for the next few days. They’ll make sure he’s okay; he’s going to be safe when he goes back into his habitat, and that the habitat is secure," Nahabedian said. 

She said 2 employees were injured during the incident. However, their injuries are not life threatening, and both are okay.