After A Brief Stay In Newport, Blue Lobster Returns To The Sea

Jul 10, 2018

A lobster that looks bluer than the sky has been released back in to the ocean after a brief stay at the Newport Lobster Shack. Blue lobsters are rare, but they’re caught more often than you might think. 

According to Maine’s Lobster Institute, only about one in two million lobsters are blue. It’s small number, but  Bob Bayer, Lobster Institute's Executive Directos, said they’re common enough to be seen every year. 

He said the lobster’s color is hereditary. "It’s a genetic trait. It seems to be a simple genetic trait. We have bred blue lobsters, male to female, and of course, all of their offspring are going to be blue. It’s a simple breeding process," Bayer said. 

According to Bayer, the blue lobster is not native to one area and can be found all over.

Also, he said the rarest of all lobsters is the white albino lobster.