After An Unusually Hot And Humid Weekend, A Slight Reprieve

Aug 15, 2016

Providence reached 96 degrees Sunday. It's not a record -- that's 98 degrees -- but the humidity was unusually high. The National Weather Service issued heat advisories for several days last week.

On Monday, the state will get relief, according to Weather Service meteorologist Bob Thompson.

“[Monday] will be a little bit less humid, it’s still going to be very warm [Monday], we’re still probably going to see high temperatures near 90, but the humidity will be a little bit less," said Thompson.

But Thompson predicts the respite will be brief.

“It looks like we actually have the humidity cranked up on Tuesday, particularly Tuesday afternoon and evening," said Thompson. "It’s going be both very warm and very humid.”

Thompson said by mid-week, temperatures and humidity levels will return to seasonable norms.

“It looks like Wednesday through the rest of the week, through the weekend temperatures in the eighties, so warm but not as excessively hot as it has been," said Thompson. "And the humidity should be a little less as well."