AGs Ask Congress To Fund Gun Violence Prevention Research

May 24, 2016

Credit Flo Jonic / RIPR

Rhode Island’s Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is joining a group of his peers calling on Congress to fund research into the prevention of gun violence. 

By law, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hasn’t been able to use public funds to research gun violence prevention. Many public health researchers believe that has stymied their ability to find ways to reduce gun violence.

Now, attorneys general from 14 states are asking Congress to lift that ban and direct funding to the CDC immediately.

In a letter to congressional leaders, the group cites the positive impact of research into preventing car crash deaths, reducing smoking and other public health threats. Specifically, they say urgent research is needed to identify the sources of illegal firearms and to vet safer gun storage options.

The group points to the more than 33-thousand gun-related deaths annually.