Artscape: Celebrating Author Robert Coover

Apr 26, 2018

Robert Coover
Credit Roderick Coover

Brown University honored fiction writer Robert Coover this month with a three-day festival, "International Fiction Now: Celebrating the Unspeakable Practices of Robert Coover and the International Writers Project."

Coover is known for being an innovator who broke the mold and showed new ways to tell a story. The event drew literary heavyweights like Don Delillo, Paul Auster and T.C. Boyle. 

RIPR's Chuck Hinman found the experience of covering the festival inspirational.

The event celebrated Coover not only for his decades of ground-breaking fiction, but also for his advocacy for freedom for writers around the world through his International Writers Project.

Robert Coover divides his time between Providence and Europe. He continues to write. Recent stories have appeared in the New Yorker, and he’s planning another collection, “Son of a Night at the Movies.”

Authors Paul Auster, his wife Siri Hustvedt and Don Delillo were among the literary all-stars who came to  celebrate Bob Coover, and to read some of their work. RIPR's interviews with them are below:

Paul Auster at Brown University
Credit Chuck Hinman / RIPR

Siri Hustvedt
Credit Chuck Hinman / RIPR