Artscape: Music-Inspired Art In Fall River

Aug 30, 2018

Can you see music? Artist-musician Lennie Peterson can, or I should say, he just does. It’s not really a choice.

"The definition of synesthesia is one of the five senses mixed with another one or more of the other five senses. In my case I do have a very hardcore case of synesthesia as far as shape. When I hear music I see shapes," said Artist-musician Lennie Peterson.

For this month’s Artscape, we visit Synesthesia: The Music Inspired Portraits and Mindscapes of Lennie Peterson. 

Lennie Peterson’s show is called Synesthesia – now open at the Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River. A free artist talk and reception will be held on September 5th. At that time, Peterson says he’ll give a demonstration of his technique, creating a portrait to live musical accompaniment.