Brown Cancels Rosa Parks Home Exhibit

Mar 8, 2018

Gates of Brown University

Brown University officials announced Thursday that the university has canceled plans to bring a house belonging to the family of Civil Rights icon Rosa Parks to Providence as part of an exhibition on the Civil Rights movement and Parks place in it.

In a news release, Brown announced that the exhibit has been cancelled due to a  ”current dispute” over the property. The university did not elaborate. University spokesman Brian Clark declined to get into specifics except to say that there is “a dispute.”

“It is out of deep respect for the legacy of Rosa Parks and what it represents for America that the university feels it cannot responsibility move forward with the exhibit of the house,” read the statement. The house exhibit has been slated to open on April 3, 2018.

Brown’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice was organizing a three-month program to exhibit the house as part of a program of the Civil Rights movement and the African-American political organizing tradition.

Parks sparked the Montgomery, Alabama bus boycott in 1955 when her refusal to move to the seat in the back of a racially segregated city bus led to legal action which integrated public buses in the city. The episode was widely seen as a crucial moment in the civil rights movement that led to the rise of Dr. Martin Luther King and civil rights activism that led to the demise of de jure segregation in the American South.