CCRI In Talks With Indian Tech Company Infosys On Worker Pipeline

Dec 4, 2017

The Community College of Rhode Island has been in talks with India-based tech company Infosys for months about a training partnership. The talks were part of the negotiation that brought a new Infosys design hub to Providence.

Julian Alssid heads CCRI’s Division of Workforce Development. He said conversations with Infosys started in July with a meeting at the Statehouse. Alssid said they’re still talking about how to help build a pipeline of workers with the tech company.

“I expect that our discussions, our partnership will include activities for students in our degree programs, internships, apprenticeships, various trainings,” Alssid said. “As well as activities to reskill the current workforce to make them eligible for different roles in technology.”

Alssid said he’s impressed with programs Infosys has already built for training workers in India, adding a program between CCRI and Infosys seems like a natural fit.  

“It could function on many levels,” Alssid said. “I could see us partnering around our IT program. For example, we’ve had some conversations about our cyber security program.”

According to Alssid, a partnership with Infosys would create new opportunities for students interested in exploring careers in technology.