Coastal Officials Worry About Beach Erosion After Major Storm

Mar 2, 2018

Coastal officials are concerned about how beach erosion after this weekend’s storm could impact nearby development. 

Winds and waves caused by coastal storms wear away sand dunes, which are mounds of sand that serve as the first line of defense against damage for nearby buildings and roads. 

Janet Freedman, coastal geologist at the Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council, said this storm had two features that typically cause the most erosion. 

"The more energy in the storm, the more erosion you can cause, and the storms where you have the most erosion are the ones that last through several tide cycles," Freedman said. 

Freedman added officials are also concerned about low-lying bluffs in Matunuck that erode easily. 

The management council plans to assess beaches in Matunuck, Charlestown, and South Kingstown on Monday.