Cycling accident spurs action in Newport

Jan 16, 2013

Bicycle sign via Flickr Creative Commons

(PROVIDENCE, RI) The Newport cycling community is responding to a recent car and bike accident that sent a cyclist to the hospital. The incident has intensified efforts to promote safe cycling.

The sad part is that Eddy Gomez was doing everything right. He had LED safety lights on the back of his bicycle. He rode in the right direction on West Main Road in Newport. But the Executive Director of Bike Newport, Bari George, says there is nothing much you can do when someone suspected of drunken driving strikes you from behind with their Mazda 3 sedan.

“So we just really need to call everybody’s attention to the importance of paying attention when you are operating a two-ton vehicle," she says. "When a two-ton hunk of steel meets a 25 lbs. bicycle… the car wins.”

Police report the driver had a blood alcohol content three times above the legal limit. Gomez was taken to Rhode Island Hospital with serious injuries. George says Bike Newport is in the process of raising funds to buy and hand out reflective clothing and lights for cyclists. She says the accident is a wake up call.

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