Sep 6, 2018

Editor's note: these are the candidate's responses to questions provided by RIPR. The views expressed are the candidate's alone, edited only in cases of inappropriate or libelous language. No changes have been made to correct errors of fact, spelling or grammar. 

If elected, what will be the candidate’s top three priorities?

-Consumer and small business protection. Lt. Governor McKee has fought to put money back into Rhode Islanders’ pockets by holding National Grid accountable after their profit windfall, and has helped local businesses thrive by cutting back unnecessary taxes, like those on paint can recycling and kegs.

-Standing up for marginalized groups, like those affected by the opioid epidemic, fighting for quality education for our youth, and representing the voices from 39 cities and towns from all different communities across the state.

-Preserving core democratic principles here in Rhode Island, like supporting LGBTQ  rights, improvements to healthcare, pushing for common sense gun laws and protecting reproductive freedom. 

How would the candidate support small businesses in Rhode Island?

Lt. Governor McKee plans to help small businesses by continuing to look for strategies to make opening and maintaining a business in Rhode Island easier and more affordable. He plans to support business owners by listening to their needs and acting on them, as he’s done with painters and brewers when they approached him about specific taxes on their services.