Dual Language Immersion Coming To New Bedford This Fall

Jun 11, 2018

A New Bedford elementary school is launching a new language program this fall. Fifty kindergarteners at Gomes Elementary School will enter a lottery for the chance to land a spot in the school’s new dual language immersion program.

The selected students will spend half their day learning subjects in English. The other half will be exclusivley in Spanish.

Ellyn Gallant, Gomes’ Elementary School Principal, said a grant allowed the school to research programs like this, and she believes it will benefit students.

"The aim is to really have another pathway of learning for our students here in New Bedford. And to get our students both bilingual and biliterate by the time they graduate high school," Gomes said. 

She said the school is asking for a 6-year commitment to the program from parents. Parents are invited to an informational session June 13th and 14th to learn more about this. 

Gallant said the school has already secured an English teacher for the inaugural kindergaten class, but they're still looking for a Spanish teacher. 

A few schools in places like Providence and Pawtucket also offer dual language immersion.