East Greenwich Once Again Hires Gayle Corrigan As Town Manager

Jun 27, 2018

Gayle Corrigan has a permanent job in East Greenwich. The controversial CPA is now officially town manager of the affluent suburb.

Corrigan had served as temporary town manager for East Greenwich beginning last summer. Council leaders brought her in to shore up town finances, and hold the line on property taxes.

Corrigan is considered a municipal turnaround specialist. But her tactics, including consolidating and slashing town employee benefits, are controversial. The policies have drawn large crowds of angry residents to council meetings.

Last autumn, a Superior Court Judge ruled the Town Council had violated open meetings laws in the hiring of Corrigan. The Council reappointed her dispite vocal protestations by hundreds of residents. 

In a statement, Council President Sue Cienki said Corrigan helped uncover possible financial issues, and built a no-tax increase budget.

The lone dissenting vote, Councilman Mark Schwager, criticized the budget saying it reduced town services through unfilled positions. He said Corrigan has become too divisive to hold the leadership position.