Elorza: Heartbroken By Guatemala's Volcanic Eruption, MA Woman Misses It By A Day

Jun 6, 2018

Drivers flee from clouds of rock and ash from Guatemala's volcanic eruption.
Credit Screenshot from video / Twitter

The eruption of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano has left 99 people dead, at least 192 missing and displaced thousands.

One New Bedford woman was almost caught in the disaster. Jennifer Garcia returned from visiting family in Guatemala just one day before the volcano erupted.

Many of the dead have yet to be identified.  Garcia says she heard of a man who lost his entire family due to the eruption. She said her family is fine, but the news was so terrible that she cried.

"It was too sad to hear that because most of the families, they are living that moment now," Garcia said. 

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza's tweet in reaction to the volcanic eruption in Guatemala.
Credit Twitter

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza tweeted that he was heartbroken. He said he's been in contact with his own relatives in Guatemala, and they are okay. 

Elorza is urging residents who want to help the relief effort in Guatemala to donate to the Red Cross. He said he's been in contact with the Guatemalan Consulate, and he's heard from many local residents who are reaching out after the deadly volcanic eruption Sunday. 

"People want to mobilize, people want to do something. And it's just a reminder of how beautiful is that sometimes out of darkenss comes light. And I'm just so thankful of all the people that want to lend a helping hand," Elorza said. 

New Bedford’s Community Economic Development Center and Providence's Guatemalan Center of New England also has information on how to help relief efforts. 

In a statement, the Guatemalan Center of New England said, "We are heartbroken by the images of the victims and the devastation of the volcanic eruption in Guatemala," and, "We at the Guatemalan Center of New England call on the community to unify and work in collaboration as together; we can achieve so much to help our brothers and sisters in Guatemala."

This post has been updated to reflect death toll numbers.