Environmental Officials: It's Mating Season, Watch Out For The Deer

Nov 9, 2017

It’s breeding time for deer, and that means an increased likelihood of car crashes.  Mating time means more deer on the move -- crossing roads and highways.

Andrew Labonte, a wildlife biologist with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, said November and December are peak time for roadkills.

“They’re just pursuing the female -- and they go wherever she goes,” Labonte said.

Connecticut recorded about 4,000 deer-vehicle collisions last year. Labonte said that was a significant decrease from 2000, which followed easing restrictions on deer hunting. For example, Connecticut now allows bowhunting on Sundays.

“We’ve been adding a lot of these tools to the toolbox that allow us to manage these populations that had been out of control,” Labonte explained.

If you encounter a deer while driving, Rhode Island’s Department of Environmental Management says use the brake to minimize impact. That’s better than swerving, which can cause a more serious accident.

Environmental officials also urge drivers to slow down at nighttime in areas where deer are common.