Former Presidential Candidate Howard Dean Weighs In On Trump, 2018 Midterm Elections

Aug 17, 2017

Howard Dean, former presidential candidate and former Vermont governor, weighed in on politics Wednesday while speaking to Brown University medical students in Providence.

After his lecture, Dean slammed President Donald Trump’s remarks regarding the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I think Trump has lost all capacity for moral leadership and I think his presidency is going to be defined as an unsuccessful one,” Dean said. “He doesn’t inspire Americans, he brings out the worst in people and I don’t consider him President of the United States.”

Looking forward, the former Democratic National Party Chairman said Trump’s behavior could affect the Republican Party’s performance in the 2018 midterm elections.

“I personally believe --although I may be the only person in Washington-- that we’re in the position to win both the House and the Senate in 2018 and I think that’s mostly because of Donald Trump,” Dean said.

More than 100 students showed up to hear Dean discuss the future of healthcare at the Warren Alpert Medical School.

Dean is currently a Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University.