Fourth Nor'easter On The Way, But Tree Limbs Haven't Recovered From Last Three

Mar 19, 2018

The National Weather Service said the snowstorm heading this way will bring the potential for more power outages because of tree limbs weakened by the last three storms in just a few short weeks.

Forecasters expect snow to begin falling in Rhode Island and the South Coast some time Wednesday morning, but the worst conditions are not expected until later in the day. Meteorologist Benjamin Sipprell with the National Weather Service said we’ll see about 4-8 inches of snowfall between the afternoon and overnight. He adds that blistery conditions could bring power outages. He said the height of the winds are expected Wednesday night with gusts around 40 to 50 miles per hour.

Sipprell said this is one way to celebrate the start of spring. "And we've seen this before where we've had snowstorm happen in the month of April and even into the month of May. So, it's not to out of the ordinary, it's nothing that's odd or anything along those lines. Sometimes these things happen," said Sipprell.

Sipprell adds that it’s not unusual for multiple storms to batter New England at this time of year. Conditions have aligned in the atmosphere to create stormier activity, and for Sipprell that’s like hitting the jackpot.

"If you're playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em, sometimes the house doesn't go your way. But as we went from February to March it was like we were getting some good hand on the table. If you're saying you win a hand it means a storm, that's basically what's happening," Sipprell explained.

Gov. Gina Raimondo has closed state government offices and is advising Rhode Islanders to stay off the roads.

A Fourth Snowstorm In March? Enough Already!

The fourth nor'easter of the month is heading our way and ready to affect your commute on Wednesday. A winter storm watch is in effect for Rhode Island, most of Massachusetts, and northern Connecticut beginning Wednesday morning until Thursday morning.

According to current models, heavy snow is expected with accumulations of about 10 inches. The National Weather Service is expecting the snowfall to begin around 4 a.m. Also, meteorologists said to expect wind gusts up to 35 miles per hour and coastal winds gusting up to 45 mph.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service said we are getting the snow now that we did not get earlier in the winter season because of our steering currents in the upper levels. "We're just set up in the steering flow that's bring the storm right over in the right position to have enough cold air in so that we would get some snow," said the spokesman.

National Weather Service said they are keeping an eye on the storm for possible mixes of snow and rain.

Prepare for Snow!

Prepare for "plowable snow" this week, the National Weather Service said Monday, as forecasters issued a winter storm watch for Rhode Island, most of Massachusetts and northern Connecticut. According to current models, the Wednesday evening commute may be impacted by the storm.

Meteorologists expect 4-8 inches of snow in the greater Providence area, starting Wednesday and lasting into Wednesday night. More snow is possible in some locales, along with coastal winds gusting 40-50 miles per hour.

A spokesman for the National Weather Service's Taunton office was uncertain as to whether four snowstorms would represent a record for March, but said forecasters are keeping an eye on Worcester, which has a chance of beating the record snowfall total for the month.