Heated East Greenwich Meeting Postponed Following Major Turnout

Nov 14, 2017

An East Greenwich Town Council meeting was forced to shut down after hundreds of angry residents turned out, and many were turned away. 

Many were upset over the direction of the small municipal government.

That includes the hiring of Gayle Corrigan to help turn around the town’s finances. Corrigan is considered an expert in helping municipalities dig themselves out of the red, but she’s also proven to be a lightning rod for what some consider a drastic approach, including consolidating municipal services.

Last week, a superior court judge determined the Town Council violated the Open Meetings Act and declared Corrigan's appointment to the position of East Greenwich Town Manager "null and void." Some residents say a lack of government transparency drew them to the meeting.

“My greatest concerns are that we’re being lied to, and that you need to trust your leaders,” said eight-year town resident Nicole Bucka. “And this is not someone I elected, and I don’t feel that she was selected by a fair process, the way it should have been done.”

Corrigan was named acting town manager for East Greenwich earlier this year. The Town Council had planned to reinstate her Tuesday evening.

Editor's note, a previous version of this article misstated that Gayle Corrigan was found in violation of the Open Meetings Act, it was in fact the Town Council, not Corrigan specifically. The post has been changed to reflect that.