This I Believe New England: Beyond Our Coast

Apr 3, 2018

Credit Scott Indermaur

Rhode Islanders think of themselves as residents of the Ocean State for good reason.  We're surrounded.  Maybe not literally surrounded at every border, but certainly by any objective measure water pervades our rich culture.

  The breathtaking Narragansett Bay.  The majestic Atlantic Ocean.  The more intimate Block Island Sound.  The storied Blackstone, Seekonk, and Woonasquatucket Rivers. But how many of us are really mindful of the richness and significance of our water culture, what it truly means in our daily lives and more broadly in the life of our dear planet?  Here's a fresh take on all this from a newcomer to the Ocean State, Elizabeth Mendenhall.  


Elizabeth Mendenhall is a professor in the Department of Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island.