This I Believe New England: Honesty

Oct 24, 2017

Credit Scott Indermaur

Telling the truth.  The words are so easy to say.  Alas, there are times in life when fulfilling the act is not so easy.

 What do we say to a beloved friend who asks for an honest assessment of her wedding gown that we think is absolutely dreadful?  Is it okay to lie to a terminally ill child about his dire prognosis?  And then there's the challenge of being truthful with ourselves – about our mistakes, our shortcomings, our missteps.  In the end, of course, we have good reason to aspire to truth-telling.  As Shakespeare noted in All's Well that Ends Well, "no legacy is so rich as honesty."  And that's what a very wise 13-year-old, Lila Rizvi, has come to believe. 


Lila Rizvi is an eighth-grade student at the Wheeler School.  She lives with her family in Providence.