This I Believe New England: Hope Is Our Future

Dec 5, 2017

Credit Scott Indermaur

Sometimes, too often perhaps, it seems impossible to absorb the steady diet of toxic news stories and headlines: mass shootings, deadly hurricanes, horrific droughts, massive wildfires, out-of-control pandemics, and hundred-year floods.  For some of us, it may be tempting to keep the news at bay and retreat into our respective cocoons, out of harm's way – or so we would like to believe.  But don't all of us yearn to keep hope alive somehow, even in the face of what may seem to be daunting odds?  It seems especially hopeful to hear such yearnings, such wishful sentiments from a seventeen-year-old, Quinn Chappelle. 


Quinn Chappelle is a senior at Westerly High School in Rhode Island.