This I Believe New England: Ride The Bus

Apr 11, 2018

Credit Scott Indermaur

Several years ago, political scientist Robert Putnam wrote a compelling book with the intriguing title Bowling Alone. Based on tens of thousands of interviews, Putnam astutely argued that over the last quarter century Americans have begun living much more fragmented lives.

  We sign fewer petitions, belong to fewer organizations, know our neighbors less, meet with friends less frequently, and socialize with our families less often.  We’re even bowling alone.  All of this suggests that Americans are connecting with each other – really connecting with each other – less than ever before.  That troubles Janine Connelly, who shares her wise insights about one creative way to help remedy this troubling trend.  



Janine Connelly, a Rhode Island School of Design administrator and active community volunteer, lives with her family in Barrington, Rhode Island.