This I Believe New England: Value Of A Dollar

Mar 13, 2018

Credit Scott Indermaur

Life is full of mundane and not-so-mundane things that many of us get quite used to and, over time, take for granted.

The electricity that feeds our lights and smartphone chargers.  The supermarket shelves that are chock-full of an endless supply of foodstuffs.  The car that starts up right away and gets us where we need to go. Of course, we've all had those painful reminders that we shouldn't take all of this for granted.  Hurricanes and nor'easters can pull the plug on our electrical supply in a flash. Midwestern droughts can shrink the stock on grocery store shelves.  A dead car battery can stop us in our tracks.  We know, at least in an intellectual way, that we shouldn't take what we have for granted.  But sometimes we need reminders, as we hear from a very wise high school student, Caroline Cheng. 


Caroline Cheng is a junior at East Greenwich High School.