This I Believe Rhode Island: Dealing with Trauma

Jul 25, 2017

Trauma.  Nobody wants it, but it's inevitable that some form of it will show up in our lives along the way.  Accidents.  Broken hearts.  Abuse.  Chronic illness.  The ravages of war.  Under the best of circumstances, we cope with trauma and move on.  And sometimes, the traumatic events teach us life lessons, and as Ernest Hemingway observed, make us stronger in the broken places.  

Indeed, trauma can help us appreciate, truly appreciate, life's more quiescent moments.  As Voltaire noted centuries ago, "appreciation is a wonderful thing."  And that's what we hear from thirteen-year-old Charlie Ragona.  


Charlie Ragona is a student at the Gordon School in East Providence.  He lives with his family in Barrington.