Ida Lewis Documentary Seeks To Bring Hero Back From Obscurity

May 27, 2014

A turn-of the century Newport woman is the subject of a new documentary out this week; she gained national attention for being ahead of their time.

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Ida Lewis, tended the Lime Rock Lighthouse in Newport throughout out the late eighteen-hundreds, a job she inherited after her father passed away.

A skilled rower, Lewis became famous after making daring rescues of people drowning in the waters off the lighthouse.  It’s estimated that she saved around thirty people. It was rare in that time for anyone, especially a woman to know how to swim. Lewis made national headlines in her time, but has since been largely forgotten said Johnson and Wales professor and documentarian Marion Gagnon.

“My goal was to really resuscitate her story and return her to her rightful place in history.  And I really feel like it’s more than just a Newport Story or a Rhode Island Story.  It’s an American story," said Gagnon.

The Lime Rock lighthouse was renamed for Ida Lewis after her death in 1911.

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