Insurers File Rate Requests for 2017; Neighborhood Bucks Trend

May 30, 2016

Health insurers have put in their requests for the rates they hope to charge consumers in 2017. Most have asked for increases, but not all.

Every year insurers have to figure out how much it cost them to pay for medical care for all of their members, and how much they think it will cost next year. It’s a complex process, and state regulators don’t always agree with insurers on the numbers. The result directly affects what you pay for health insurance each month.

This year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Rhode Island is asking for about an eight to nine percent increase. UnitedHealthcare wants between two and a half and five percent more for small and big group customers. 

Bucking the trend, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island is asking for a decrease of up to nine percent for its individual and small group customers.