Invenergy To Withhold Payments To Burrillville

Jan 19, 2018

The developer of a power plant in Burrillville has refused to continue paying fees to the town. Invenergy complained that Burrillville has been using the money to fund a legal fight against the natural gas-fired power plant.

Credit RIPR

Town officials called the decision “outrageous,” and said they need the funds to "protect the interests of our community."

Invenergy has paid $1.175 million in “impact fees” to Burrillville over the past 15 months. The developer was set to pay $500,000 to the town on Monday, but that money is now being withheld in an escrow account.

An Invenergy representative said payments will continue to go into the account until the town upholds their agreement with the company. However, the agreement does not ban the town from using the fees to oppose the project.