Judge Turns Down Cochran

Providence – A federal judge has denied Johnny Cochran and his legal team permission to represent the mother of the late Police Sergeant Cornell Young Junior. Magistrate Judge Robert Lovergreen is not objecting specifically to Cochran representing Leisa Young. He said in an order this week that there is no need for so many out of state lawyers.

As out of state lawyers, Cochran and three associates required permission from the court to represent Mrs. Young in her suit against the City of Providence, the Providence Police Department and individual officers. The lawsuit contends inadequate police training and supervision led to the shooting death of Sgt. Cornell Young Jr., who was black, at the hands of white officers. Her attorneys claim Young needs the representation of out of state lawyers, because it is such a complex civil rights case.

Attorneys for the City of Providence and the Providence Police Department objected, claiming it is not an especially complex case. Judge Robert Lovegreen agreed. He said in his ruling that he sees no need for more than two out of state lawyers.

?Even if this matter presented a complex area of the law, which is questionable, not more than two ?specialsts? would be necessary. This is especially so when the court considers the outstanding credentials and extensive eperience of local counsel,? Lovegreen said in the order.

Lovegreen indicated he would consider a new application for up to two out of state lawyers, if they can demonstrate a need for specialists in the case. Johnny Cochran, through local lawyer Robert Mann, is expected to re-apply.