Landmark Deal Stalls Again; Missing Info from Prime

Mar 29, 2013

Rhode Island’s Attorney General and Department of Health officials say they’re suspending their review of Prime Healthcare’s application to buy the Woonsocket-based Landmark Medical Center.

Credit Catherine Welch / RIPR

Prime is the for-profit health care company that expressed an interest in buying the struggling community hospital. Its first application to make that purchase happen was incomplete. Now a joint letter from the Attorney General’s office and the health department tells Prime it’s still missing important information, and they just can’t continue the review until Prime answers some critical questions. For example: if Prime is actually owned by a trust, who exactly wants to buy this hospital? The letter also points out that Prime’s attempt to file a more complete application raised more questions than it answered. This development leaves Landmark in the lurch once again, the previous two attempts to buy it having failed. Landmark has been in receivership since 2008.