Lt. Gov. Candidates Differ On The Future Of HealthSource RI

Oct 14, 2014

The two candidates running for lieutenant governor differ on what should be done with the state’s health insurance exchange HealthSource RI. Right now federal dollars are funding the exchange, but soon Rhode Island will have to come up with $20 million to keep it running.

Healthsource RI

Republican Catherine Taylor said it would be worth it to hang on to the exchange, and find a way to cut how much it costs. "This is the one mechanism we have identified where an individual purchaser of insurance, you and me, can put our own hands on the levers of cost and quality. And over time, move cost and quality to a better place," said Taylor.

Taylor’s democratic rival, Dan McKee says he applauds the effort to build HealthSource RI, but said the state can’t afford to throw money at a health insurance exchange. “We can’t absorb that in our state budget. We should be putting that towards our schools towards our infrastructure, or other areas that make a lot of sense," said McKee.

The federal dollars to run the state’s health insurance exchange run out at the end of 2015. It will be up to the next governor to decide whether the state will keep it or kill it.

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