McKee Organizes in Race for Lieutenant Governor

Jul 25, 2013

Cumberland Mayor Daniel McKee, who has made little secret of his interest in running next year for lieutenant governor, has filed a notice of organization with the state Board of Elections to pursue that office. McKee also reports a campaign balance of $151,280 after raising $22,460 during Q2 and contributing $50,000 of his own money.

Secretary of State Ralph Mollis, who is prevented by term limits from seeking re-election, is also considering a run for LG. The state's current lieutenant governor, Elizabeth Roberts, is prevented by term limits from seeking another term.

McKee and Mollis are both Democrats. The Republican mayor of Warwick, Scott Avedisian, has also said he might take a look at the LG's office.

During an interview last December, McKee defended the presence of an office some see as unnecessary:

“Policy really is very important for the state, and I think that’s a really good spot to not only create policy but actually generate the conversation that needs to be had. So I see that as a very good spot to be in this time frame for Rhode Island that’s in dire need of kind of keeping its sight on what’s right.”

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