Miss MA 2017 Feeling Torn Over Changes To Miss America Competition

Jun 6, 2018

Jillian Zucco, Miss Massachusetts 2017
Credit Miss America MA / Facebook

The Miss America organization has announced they’re changing out of swimsuits and into a whole new era. But, the change has some in the pageant world feeling torn.

The Miss America pageant is dropping the swimsuit portion of the competition, and making changes to evening wear. 

The announcement comes after a shake-up that elevated women to the top three leadership positions at the competition.

Jillian Zucco, Miss Massachusetts 2017, said she’s torn about the decision. She said she wanted to see the focus shift away from appearances, but is concerned about how judges will evaluate contestants for  lifestyle and wellness.

"I do support this, but I definitely think it’s drastic all at once. It’s a very demanding job and Miss America needs to have the stamina to keep up with it," Zucco said.

In place of the swimsuit competition, contestants will do an interactive session with the judges highlighting their achievements and goals in life, and how they would perform the job of Miss America. The evening wear portion will no longer require contestants to wear gowns.