'Missing Persons' Ad Takes Jab At Congressman For Not Visiting More Often

Jun 15, 2017

  Some residents of the Western Massachusetts hilltowns are so frustrated that their congressman doesn't come visit, they've taken out a "missing persons" ad in a local newspaper.

A progressive activist group called Indivisible Williamsburg raised money online to take out the tongue-in-cheek ad in the Daily Hampshire Gazette -- a photo of U.S. Representative Richie Neal above the words, "Has anyone seen this man?"

Organizer Dan Lederer said Neal has ignored multiple requests to hold a town hall to address issues specific to rural areas, from broadband access to school busing.

"If we had him face-to-face, and hear him say words related to 'this is what I'm going to do,' then he's on-record for saying these things," Lederer said, "and it's something he could be held accountable for."

Lederer added that failing to appeal to rural voters is one reason Democrats lost the White House.

A spokesman for Neal declined an interview, but sent a statement saying Neal's district is the largest in the state, that he has visited nearly every community and has been re-elected by wide margins.