NAACP Providence Calls For Investigation Of Possible Excessive Police Force

Dec 4, 2014

Providence NAACP President, Jim Vincent, is calling for an investigation of the Providence and State police. 

Police handcuff a protester at a recent rally in Providence, held in response to actions in Ferguson, Missouri.
Credit ABC 6 News

He wants a probe into whether police used excessive force during a protest over Ferguson Missouri last week that spilled onto I-95.  Footage from Channel 6 news shows a police officer holding a black man down on the ground by pressing a skateboard to his head.  Vincent said an investigation will show whether proper protocol was followed.  "Even if people break the law, there still has to the proper use of force.  Breaking the law does not mean you do any kind of thing, because then you have the wild west.”

Vincent added an investigation could help heal ties between the community and law enforcement.“The public right now has some trust issues with law enforcement, so for the police to be completely transparent at this time, I think, is completely important.”  State Police Chief Steven O’Donnell tells Channel 6 news, arrests were made appropriately.

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