National Grid Expecting All Power To Be Restored In RI Tuesday

Mar 5, 2018

At the peak, nearly 150,000 customers in Rhode Island were without power. The vast majority were restored by Monday morning.

National Grid spokesman Timothy Rondeau said gusty winds through the weekend and the widespread nature of the power outages slowed restoration efforts.

“There was no place in the state that remained untouched,” said Rondeau. “And so that’s what presents the damage, when it’s not so isolated and you’ve got to prioritize and it becomes issues of the severe damage and also the single customers that we have to get back up.” 

Rondeau said working through windy conditions made it more dangerous.

“The gusts were persistent the sustained winds were persistent and we had gusts of upwards of 80 miles an hour in some places in Rhode Island,” said Rondeau. “And it stuck around until even 4pm on Saturday. It limited what we could do between Friday and Saturday.”

Rondeau said the storm was one of the worst in decades in terms of power loss for the area.

National Grid has brought crews from around the country to help in its efforts to repair downed power lines following the nor'easter that hit the area Friday and Saturday.

The Lights Are Slowly Turning On

As of 2:00 p.m Monday afternoon, 7,917 people are still without power in Rhode Island, according to National Grid. That means that 3,160 have had the power restored today. The majority of the power outages are still in Washington County with 4,598 people still without power.

In Massachusetts, 31,580 still without power, meaning 9,908 people had their lights turned on today. The majority of the outages are still in Plymouth county with 20, 853 people still without power.

Many Still Without Power Monday Morning

According to National Grid, as of 10:15 am, there are still 11,077 people still without power in Rhode Island. The majority of people affected are in Washington County with over 5,000 people without power in the area.

Massachusetts is in a tougher position. As of 10:15 this morning 41,488 people are still without power, according to National Grid. The majority of the outages are in Plymouth county. There are currently 23,864 people still with no electricity.

National Grid has restored power to 493,832 people in Rhode Island so far, and 1,320,192 in Massachusetts.