At Nearly $800K A Year, Bryant's Machtley Is Highest Paid University President In RI

Dec 7, 2015

A new analysis of executive compensation at private universities shows Bryant University’s Ronald Machtley is the highest paid in Rhode Island. 

When you add up base pay, bonuses and other compensation, Machtley earned more than $795,000, according to tax filings from 2013 analyzed by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

At nearly $740,000, Brown University President Christina Paxson also earns more than the median for a private university president, but her salary remains lower than the presidents of most other Ivy League institutions.

John Bowen at Johnson and Wales University earned roughly $730,000, making him the third highest paid college president in Rhode Island.

While those salaries are generous, they are far from the top level of university executive compensation. The Chronicle found 32 college presidents who make more than a million dollars. The highest paid was Lee Bollinger of Columbia, whose compensation topped $4.6 million.

The lowest in Rhode Island was Sister Jane Gerety of Salve Regina University. Her compensation totaled less than $40,000.

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