New Map Follows Sharks Along The East Coast In Real Time

Aug 6, 2018

Great White Shark
Credit Elias Lecy / Flickr

Over the last few weeks Great White sharks have been spotted in the waters off Rhode Island and Cape Cod. Now you can keep track of some of these marine predators yourself.  Environmental nonprofit Oceana, has released a new online shark map which shows the movements of 45 tagged sharks along the East coast.

Marine scientist Neil Hammerschlag was heavily involved in tagging the sharks for the map.

“While the sharks are swimming, the sharks often come to surface,” said Hammerschlag. “Whenever the tag comes to surface, it transmits information to a satellite that then calculates its position, then we download the data and estimate where that shark is.”

“We use specialized fishing gear that doesn’t stress the shark that allow shark once caught, to not fight hard against line but instead swim around in circles, and stay nice and healthy,” said Hammerschlag.

Hammerschlag hopes the interactive map will help inform the public, and spread awareness about the importance of shark conservation.