Possibly: The Future Of Food (Pilot Episode)

Apr 27, 2018

This is Possibly, a new partnership between Rhode Island Public Radio and Brown University. You've heard it all before: humans are destroying the planet. That's obvious. What's trickier is knowing what to do about it. That's why Possibly exists. We use science to find real solutions among the noise.

The "Impossible Burger" at Arooga's in Warwick, RI
Credit Megan Hall

Today's episode: "The Future Of Food." We'll taste a burger with some unusual ingredients, like genetically modified yeast implanted with a hemoglobin-like molecule. And we'll get real about what it will take to feed a planet with 9.5 billion people. Unfortunately, it's not going to come from your local farmers market.

Possibly was written by Megan Hall, Nancy Pick and Stephen Porder. Music and sound design by Thomas Van Buskirk. Stephen Porder is our founder, executive producer and ultimate fact advisor. Funding comes from the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society and its Program for Environmental and Civic Engagement. In-kind support from Rhode Island Public Radio. Additional engineering by James Baumgartner.

Special thanks to Torey Malatia.