President Trump To Talk Opioid Crisis Battle Plan in NH

Mar 19, 2018

President Trump will visit New England Monday, with a stop in Manchester, New Hampshire, where he is expected to announce a new plan to battle the nationwide opioid crisis.

While New Hampshire has invested millions of dollars in treatment and recovery, there have been some recent setbacks. Last month, the state's largest drug recovery provider, announced it would close most of its centers, citing lack of funds. Manchester's mayor, Joyce Craig, said she’s looking to the president for more dollars to fight the opioid crisis.

“We hope that he’ll allocate federal funds. We’ve seen treatment and recovery providers in New Hampshire close their doors due to the lack of funding. So, you know, in this time of great need. Manchester needs more than promises. We really need some action,” said Craig.

Trump is expected to visit Manchester's Central Fire Station, where the "Safe Station" program has worked to connect drug users to treatment.

In Rhode Island, state officials recently reported a small drop in opioid overdose deaths, but said there are still too many people dying from this epidemic.