(PRESS)ed: Your Questions

Aug 31, 2018

Now’s your chance to get involved - we need your help to shape an upcoming episode! We’re eager to hear your questions about how journalists cover the political divide and politics in general.

Our producer, Mary Quintas, has been producing (PRESS)ed, a podcast about the intersection of journalism and democracy. In the first few episodes, two community members took part in an experiment about media consumption and civil discourse. Now we want to hear from you!


Here’s how it works: You submit your questions. If we decide to dig into your question, we’ll be in touch with you to learn more and involve you in finding the answer.

You might ask:

  • How do journalists cover a political issue when one side isn’t using factual information?

  • How do journalists cover issues they have strong personal feelings about?

  • How do news organizations decide how much airtime to give a political candidate?

  • Is objectivity possible?


So, ask away: What questions do you have about how journalists cover politics? Submit it in the box below.