ProJo’s Salit named journalism co-director of URI’s Metcalf Institute

Jul 9, 2012

Providence Journal reporter Richard Salit will take over the role formerly played by his esteemed colleague, the late Peter Lord, at the Metcalf Institute for Marine & Environmental Reporting.

Sunshine Menezes, the Metcalf’ Institute’s executive director, says this in a news release:

“While it’s difficult to fill the enormous void left by Peter Lord, Metcalf’s first journalism co-director, Rich Salit possesses the experience, professionalism and understanding of environmental issues needed to help guide Metcalf Institute’s work,” said Menezes.  “We are happy to continue our longstanding relationship with The Providence Journal, and I’m looking forward to working with Rich as we expand our efforts to help journalists improve their coverage of the environment.”

“It’s a tremendous honor to follow in Peter Lord’s footsteps, both as the environment reporter at The Providence Journal and as the co-director for the Metcalf Institute,” said Salit.  “While it’s impossible to fill his shoes, I know Peter would be pleased to see that these two institutions are carrying on their dedication to environmental journalism in his absence.  I’m excited to help Metcalf grow.”

Salit is familiar with Metcalf’s mission of improving environmental news coverage by providing journalists with the tools they need to better understand the science behind their stories.  He is a 2004 alumnus of the Institute’s Annual Science Immersion Workshop for Journalists.  As journalism co-director, Salit will provide guidance on Institute programs and share his professional experience with journalists who are new to environmental reporting.

A reporter for the Providence Journal since 1994, Salit has covered a wide range of environmental and healthcare issues.  He writes a weekly Environmental Journal column for the newspaper focusing on everything from wastewater treatment and land conservation to coastal erosion and climate change.