Providence City Council Member Supports Statewide Plastic Bag, Container Ban

Apr 23, 2018

A Providence city council member is supporting a proposed statewide ban on plastic bags and disposable plastic containers. This comes after Providence’s mayor vetoed a similar measure.  

The state Plastic Waste Reduction Act would ban large retailers from providing plastic checkout bags or plastic food containers starting 2021.

Statewide bans have been proposed in the legislature for several years now, however Providence City Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan believes the time has come to pass the bill. 

She recently proposed a similar ordinance that would require retailers in the city to charge at least 10 cents for paper or more durable plastic bags.

The city council passed the measure, but Mayor Jorge Elorza vetoed it. He said in his veto letter to the council the needs of lower-income residents were not taken into consideration during the policy-making process.

Ryan said in an email she’s been in talks with the mayor, the city council and community groups about her ordinance. Ryan said she will reintroduce her plastic bag restrictions in the near future.