Providence City Councilwoman Reintroduces Plastic Bag Ordinance

Jun 25, 2018

Providence City Councilwoman Jo-Ann Ryan reintroduced her ordinance Thursday night that encourages shoppers to bring reusable bags.

Originally, the ordinance required retailers to charge at least 10 cents for single-use bags made of paper or plastic.

However, Mayor Jorge Elorza vetoed it because he said the voices of lower-income residents were left out of the policy-making process.

Now, the ordinance does not include the fee. The city council will also work with community partners to distribute reusable bags for free or at a low cost for people who need them.

The ordinance will be open for public comment at an upcoming committee hearing.

Several other municipalities in Rhode Island have passed similar ordinances to cut back on plastic pollution and to free up space in the state landfill.