Raimondo Adds Former Cicilline Campaign Manager Eric Hyers to Her Team

Nov 13, 2013

State Treasurer Gina Raimondo is adding Eric Hyers, who managed David Cicilline's two successful congressional campaigns, to her stable of political talent as she gears up for a Democratic run for governor next year.

In a telephone interview, Hyers would say only that his role is to "get her and her team ready as we approach the end of the year." He declined comment on other questions, including whether he'll remain part of Raimondo's team through 2014.

Hyers charted Cicilline's victory in a four-way Democrat field when he vaulted into Rhode Island's First Congressional District seat in 2010 after two terms as mayor of Providence.

Worse than expected financial problems emerged at City Hall after Cicilline left, leading some observers to write premature political obits for the freshman congressman. But in the end, Cicilline scored a lopsided re-election victory over Republican candidate Brendan Doherty in 2012. Hyer's wife, Nicole Kayner, also worked for Cicilline.

After 2012, Hyers went on to run a winning state Senate campaign in New Jersey and state senator Karen Spilka's unsuccessful bid for Edward Markey's former congressional seat in Massachusetts.

Providence Mayor Angel Taveras, who declared his Democratic gubernatorial run last month, was seen as having an early advantage in the ground game by having stockpiled a collection of seasoned operatives in his administration. Yet even as Taveras added Danny Kedem as his campaign manager, the fallout from the departure of top aides Matt Jerzyk and Arianne Lynch is still being felt. Taveras is expected to add more campaign staff in the near future.

Raimondo, meanwhile, has continued collecting money and political talent, such as her chief of staff, Andrew Roos. More recently, she hired a series of operatives and advisers, including Matthew Appenfeller, Karen Petel, Mark Putnam, and Peter Brodnitz. Raimondo is expected to announce her campaign before the end of the year.

And a third Democrat, Clay Pell, is still waiting in the wings.