Reed, Whitehouse To Oppose Pompeo Nomination

Apr 18, 2018

Credit RIPR

Rhode Island’s U.S. Senators, Democrats Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, both said today they will oppose confirmation of CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who is President Donald Trump’s choice to be secretary of state.

The opposition of Reed and Whitehouse comes as scant surprise because both have been critical of many of President Trump’s foreign policy initiatives.

Whitehouse says he can’t support Pompeo because of his record in denying the “human role” in climate change, his opposition to abortion rights and his views on military intervention.

“He pushed reckless military intervention over diplomacy,” said Whitehouse in a news release. “His extreme views on these issues –and many more- make me unable to support his nomination as America’s top diplomat.”

Reed said the nation needs an “experienced diplomat” as secretary of state with a “strong voice who will serve as a check on an impulsive, inexperienced president.”

Reed also said he has “grave concerns” about Pompeo’s longstanding opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement negotiated by former Secretary of State John Kerry under President Barack Obama.