Rep. Morgan Supports GOP Efforts To Reduce Health Care Costs

Sep 25, 2017

The latest proposal in Washington to dismantle the Affordable Care Act is expected to come up for a vote on the Senate floor this week.

Rhode Island’s Republican House Minority Leader Patricia Morgan thinks any change to the federal health care law would be an improvement.

Morgan said she hasn’t reviewed the bill that would repeal major elements of Obamacare, but she appreciates any effort to reduce health care costs.

“This is what I know about health care,” Morgan said. “It’s still very unaffordable for average families in Rhode Island. There are many people in that individual market who are just getting health care even through their work who are paying six, seven, eight-thousand dollars a year in premiums and some are paying $15,000 in premiums and then they have a high deductible as well.”

The Senate bill would cap Medicaid funding and shift an estimated $180 billion dollars away from states like Rhode Island, which expanded their Medicaid programs, to states which did not.

The nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation projects that by 2026 Rhode Island would lose about $977 million dollars.

Rhode Island’s Senators say the repeal of Obamacare would be devastating to the state.

It remains to be seen whether Republicans in Washington can mount the votes needed to move the bill forward.